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Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum Vision and Methodology

At Sutton Park we are very proud of our evolving, child centred, creative curriculum, which is carefully designed to engage and meet the needs of all learners. We believe that the best way to prepare our children for the future is to enable them to acquire both knowledge and skills, whilst developing attributes through a range of experiences inside and outside the classroom. We therefore make frequent links between areas of learning, which are meaningful and relevant to the children’s experiences, allowing them to develop transferable skills. Our curriculum is designed to meet knowledge and skills gaps that have been identified, whilst incorporating children’s interests and expectations of the National Curriculum aims. High quality texts are integral to the planning process, allowing children to see the links between language, reading, writing and the wider curriculum.

Our curriculum is designed to ensure the children build their Knowledge whilst having the opportunities to develop important Attributes, like teamwork and empathy. We plan for a clear progression of Skills and provide a wealth of Experiences to further their engagement and understanding. We therefore call this our K-ASE curriculum.

We work towards purposeful, connected outcomes for our children, which develops a love of learning, that when nurtured, establishes lifelong attributes such as resilience and collaboration which are embedded throughout the children’s journey through the explicit teaching of our KASE curriculum (Knowledge, Attributes, Skills and Experiences) with a strong emphasis on oracy (spoken language and listening).

We fully recognise and embrace the links between physical and cognitive development and the positive impact it has on mental health and well-being. Sutton Park is a Thrive school and this approach lies at the heart of all we do. All children learn about the brain science behind learning as well as the impact emotions have on behaviour choices.

Our school hosts a Mainstream Language Unit and Key Stage 1 Nurture group, the same breadth of curriculum is also afforded to the children attending these provisions.

National Curriculum statutory requirements are fulfilled but in addition to this, our Sutton Park curriculum offers a wealth of experiences and opportunities that are broad, balanced and fit for purpose for our children, so that they can understand, appreciate and succeed in the future.

Parents, carers or other members of the public can find out more about the curriculum our school is following by contacting the office, class teachers or members of the Senior Leadership Team. 

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